Custom Framing

Custom Framing means making a frame that fits your piece of artwork no matter what size that may be.  Many times people will try to make their work fit into a readymade frame when it is obvious that the proportions are not correct.  The mat will be very small on two sides and extra large on the other two.  This takes away from the finished look.  A custom frame is worth the money in order to enhance your artwork!

Or perhaps you have made your own canvas and have made a unique size.  Here again is where custom made frames come into play.  We can make a frame with a liner to fit any canvas.

Of course, objects that need deep moulding in order to be put under glass require special custom frames called shadowboxes.   Only  a custom framer can guide you through the process of framing unique objects that don't fit into any readymade frame.  Sometimes even we have to put on our "thinking caps" when framing unusual objects!

Custom framing requires custom matting and glass, both of which we can provide.  Our years of experience can help you with all your custom framing needs.