Matting Your Framed Artwork

Matting your artwork or photograph prevents it from touching the glass which could stick to it (photos) or cause foxing  (brownish spots on paper).  It is important that you use acid free matboard.  Here at Cardinal Frame and Art we only stock acid free matting and recommend that you use at least a single mat, but preferably a double mat on your artwork. 

Regular matboard contains sulfuric acid which can cause your artwork to turn yellow or discolor over time.  We see this often when we are re-matting a piece that has been framed with regular matting.  There will be a yellow line where the mat touched the print. 

Cardboard backing is another "no-no" in custom framing.  We use acid free foamcore to back all artwork. 

In our shop you will find samples of paper and fabric matboard in many colors and textures.  The proper color of matboard can enhance your artwork more than any other aspect of custom framing.  When you bring in your artwork and place it next to a mat sample you will be able to see how different colors enhance or detract from the art itself.

We have linen and silk matboard for elegant wedding photos or suede and leather matboard that looks great on western art.  Black suede is used a lot in shadowboxes because almost everything shows up well on black.  We have suede to match most of your favorite sports teams if you want to frame a jersey or just a poster of your favorite team.