Shadow Box Framing

One facet of our business is shadowbox framing.  This is where creativity comes into play.  We have been asked to frame a number of very unusual items in shadowboxes.  For instance, a young woman wanted a turkey wishbone to be framed because her husband proposed to her at Thanksgiving dinner.  A wheat farmer wanted a shadowbox for each of his six sons with the 8 different types of wheat that he grew on his farms.  That year was a bumper crop and the heads of wheat were extra large and beautiful to him.  We once framed a cow pattie for the owner of a feedlot who wanted it to look "fresh."  That required about 15 coats of lacquer before the framing began.

Fortunately, most people want to frame more traditional items--ancestor's belongings, medals, guns, clothing, or sports memorabilia.  Almost anything can be framed in a shadowbox!